There are two caves on the way to Orkhon river in the west of Kharaaa Dari Ekh Monastery ruin. Monks used to live in these caves for meditation for long time. When you visit the caves Left cave is 8m long in tjr mouth and 1m high, mouth faces to the north, so end of March upper ceiling has an ice.

2nd cave is located in right side of the 1st cave and mouth is 5m long inside 0.8-1.5m high also faces to the north. Except those two caves, nwar the Kharaa Dari Ekh Monastery ruin on top of the Undur Naisag Mountain and in Ikh Buural Mountain there are two more caves. Nwar Kharaa Dari Ekh Monastery ruin totally 4 caves are found and it says that in ancient time when monks dwcided to establish the temple they send special team to choose the right place depending on the natural environment, river, spa, cavet and forest. Those caves were researched by the teachers and students from the Tourism Department of Darkhan Institute together with D.Dashzeveg and D.Jambaldorj, Darkhan area researchers on March 22nd 2008, and made a program for research.

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