• In 1921, During the People’s Revolution8 this area belonged to Erdenevan county.
  • In 1939, here were 11 stations of horse-mail and one of them was named Davhr station. It was located beyond the Dahvar mountain, what is now Darkhan Huns Co,Ltd.
  • In 1948-1949, Russian 505th Army constructed the rail line here and first rail way workers station with 8 houses, were established here.
  • In autumn of 1958, Darkhan and Khushaat soums were transferred from Selenge province and with the Government’s decision first preparation works launched to establish the future central city of construction and construction material manufacturing, near the railway station and construction raw material pits.
  • In 1959 during the First Campaign of Virgin Land. Mongolian and soviet farmers came and launched the work to establish Darkhan Farm and over 10 buildings were constructed additionally named after Mongolian-Soviet Friendship and a small village with over 1500 population was established.
  • In 1958-1960, Mongolian and Soviet explorers made a broad exploration into Sharyn Gol coal pit and confirmed the reserve of millions of tons black coal which could be used for energy source. This mine is 75km far from Darkhan and is considered suitable for constructing the highly potential Thermo power plant.
  • On October 17th, 1961, in Davhar’s Rail way station, fundament of new city was established and temporary construction workers houses were built, in what is now old Darkhan.
  • On august 7th 1962, with the decision No 152 of people’s Great Khural Darkhan’s Industrial city was decided to be named as Darkhan city.
  • In summer of 1964, in Burkhant Valley, what is now new Darkhan, Mr. Maidar, Deputy of A.N, the Soviet Ambassador to Mongolia attended the ceremony of groundbreaking for Kharaa hotel west wing.
  • According to the decision of December 24th 1993 by the Mongolian Government, Darkhan city status was opted into Darkhan-Uul Province (Aimag). This AImag was established with 4 soums.

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