According to Parliament Resolution No 32, in May of 1994 Darkhan-Uul Aimag was expanded inti administrative unit with 4 Soums like Darkhan, Sharyn Gol, Orkhon and Khongor consisting of 24 Baghs. The Aimag which became the center of construction, construction material manufacturing has many factories like building material, metal processing, leather, food and many companies. The aimag locates has good infrastructure, locates on the international high way intersection from UB to Altanbulag and Sukhbaatar, connected to the central energy system has a connection of high speed internet service, digital radio system, mobile phone service, cheap transportation system than the other provinces and low rate of living standard. Darkhan-Uul Aimag has 3275 square km land, 103 thousand population and 170 thousand livestock. The center of the province is Darkhan soum (city).

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